Shlomo Bentin died in a traffic accident on July 13th 2012. Shlomo was an amazing man and had a great impact not only on psychological and brain science but also directly on the lives of so many people. He had a unique passion for life and for scientific discovery. He was a strong man with a soft heart and his exuberant presence was always felt and admired.

This blog is a place where people can share their experiences and memories of Shlomo. He was an extremely lively man who cherished his family, friends, work and academic accomplishments and we hope this blog will help to celebrate his life as he always did. To contribute, please send your text to Ani Flevaris and Ayelet Landau directly or at remembering.shlomo[at]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Alessandro Treves

A quarter of a century ago, when as a physics student in Jerusalem I was trying to link up with neuroscience, Shlomo Bentin gave what I think was the first psychology talk I heard in my life, and it impressed me that the brain could be approached from the other direction, from the perspective of mental processes. I then lost track of him for a long time, until he surprised me a couple of years ago, when he demonstrated with Itamar Lerner and Oren Shriki how latching dynamics could be turned from an abstract notion, of appeal only to former physicists, into a concrete model of priming and other phenomena of the mind. On the spur of this re-acquaintance, he agreed to come to Trieste to serve as an examiner for Valentina, the first student to work with me on an experimental psychology Phd Thesis; and very tactfully hinted at all the good advice that Valentina would have benefited receiving from a real advisor. Over a pizza near Piazza dell'Unita', we latched on the same couple of Israeli friends; but we realized we were out-of-phase, as we would get to Tel Aviv at the same time as Shlomo and Miri would go to Berkeley. We set an appointment in Tel Aviv in the fall of 2012. The next link in our latching chain will be in the space of ideas.

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