Shlomo Bentin died in a traffic accident on July 13th 2012. Shlomo was an amazing man and had a great impact not only on psychological and brain science but also directly on the lives of so many people. He had a unique passion for life and for scientific discovery. He was a strong man with a soft heart and his exuberant presence was always felt and admired.

This blog is a place where people can share their experiences and memories of Shlomo. He was an extremely lively man who cherished his family, friends, work and academic accomplishments and we hope this blog will help to celebrate his life as he always did. To contribute, please send your text to Ani Flevaris and Ayelet Landau directly or at remembering.shlomo[at]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Isabel Gauthier

I met Shlomo at Yale when I was a graduate student. We started with different assumptions about common questions of interest and so it was always fun talking with him, whether we ended up agreeing or not, and often even more fun when we did not agree. The Perceptual Expertise Network invited him to a workshop a few years ago, to get a chance to discuss with someone who saw things differently from many of us, but to our surprised we ended up agreeing on most everything, and being humbled by the breadth of his work, and getting to know Shlomo and Miri better made the meeting one of the most memorable for our group. Last year, I had the chance to be invited to speak in Jerusalem and Shlomo proved to be the best host one could get and an amazing guide for a city that he loved. And what an honor to be invited into Shlomo and Miri’s home and treated to a wonderful meal cooked by him! I know that Shlomo was greatly loved by his family, students and colleagues. But it is a measure of a wonderful man that he was also loved by a much larger circle of psychologists and neuroscientists for whom he could have just been the respected scientist he was, that would have been impressive enough – but no, once you met Shlomo in person, once he gave you that look and that smile, you had to love him. Thank you for everything you shared with me Shlomo.
-Isabel Gauthier

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